Marketing Technology​

Website development & design / Animation

Website Development & Design

Every business in today world needs an online presence and ODIT’s website builder gives you the freedom to personalize your company’s website to enhance your online brand identity. No code knowledge or prior web building experience need, the simple drag-and-drop feature makes it easy for anyone to use. The platform’s extensive design options allows you to adjust the website in real time so there is no need to hire an external web designer when your business changes its products or prices. Our special Search Engine Optimization tool automatically assesses content relevancy through Google to drive more uses to your targeted content.


Our revolutionary mascot-creator software can give life to your brand. A creative mascot is the secret weapon in your marketing plan as it makes you stand-out from all competition. Having a fun character endorse your company leaves the brand in consumers’ minds and personalizes the customer experience. A good mascot can be a true game changer and our comprehensive tool makes certain that you have the perfect mascot that compliments your brand. 


 Integrated in our website builder is the suburb capacity of e-commerce. Everything you need to create a successful online store is contained within the application. A single management interface allows you to control inventory and sales as well as maintain essential customer information.

Customers can track shipments, download invoices adding to a comfortable buying experience. Our e-commerce package can even allow you to capitalize on emerging opportunities by recommending or suggesting to customers more items that they might like, increasing the exposure of your warehouse.